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Most third-party companies charge high fees adding hundreds of dollars to the bill. Why pay more to enjoy all that Delaware has to offer? Book directly with SeaScape Residential to get the best price for your vacation. Our team of experts are on hand 24/7 to ensure your vacation goes hassle-free.

Value and understanding

SeaScape has long been a significant part of the local residential marketplace, with over 20 years of service to locals and visitors alike. This experience has honed our knowledge of the wants and needs of people looking for the perfect get-away. Due to our understanding of the market, as a homeowner and as a rental customer, you can expect to get the best value with SeaScape.

Locally-owned company

SeaScape Residential is located at the heart of the rental market in Delaware. Booking with our company will provide personal knowledge about your destination, and can even provide any discounts or promotions for local businesses.


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Founded in 1787, this small, mid-Atlantic state rich in history was once home to a few thousand residents and vast farmlands and countryside. However, modern day Delaware is quite different so come see what this thriving state now has to offer. Whether you want to relax on one of its idyllic beaches, hike through its many state parks, or take scenic drives through the countryside, Delaware can meet all your needs. Delaware has found its place on the gastronomic map. There is a restaurant here for everybody! A year-round tourist attraction, with its many festivals, concerts, farmer’s markets, and holiday traditions, Delaware has no off button. See what Delaware has in store for you!